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In Middle School, changes are taking place all around you. You might find tour teachers' attitudes change, expecting a lot more independent work. Academics might be more challenging or homework might seem to take over your evenings. Friends change, even people you've known forever can suddenly seem distant and different. Trying to navigate all the new developments in middle school can feel overwhelming and it's important to talk to people about it, to read, to do things that make you feel good about yourself, and above all to realize you are certainly not alone!  Finding an adult you can trust is a great start - a friend, a family member, a doctor or teacher or counselor; someone who is a good listener and can guide you towards getting professional help if you need it. Everyone needs someone to talk to!

Below are some other resources you might find helpful:


  • Chicken Soup for the Pre-Teen Soul: By Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen
  • The Anxiety Workbook for Teens - Activities to help you deal with Anxiety and Worry: By Rachel Schab
  • The Anger Workbook for Teens - Activites to help you deal with Anger abd Frustration:  By Raychelle Cassada Lohman
  • Don't Let your Emotions Run your Life: By Sheri van Dijk
  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens: By Sean Covey
  • Chicken Soup for the  Soul - Teens Talk Middle School: By Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield

Also look for books on mindfulness and meditation to learn how to calm your mind - and remember that just rereading an old favorite, or trying a new book can give you a much needed break from it all.


Your school counselor or regular doctor are good places to start if you are looking for some extra help.

CHA Teen Connections is a health center based up at the High School, but it has a separate entrance and is open to any Somerville Teen.

Riverside Guidance Center offers mental health services to youth of all ages.







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