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Programs and Services

There are many free and affordable programs and services available to Somerville families with young children.

To find programs ranging from such from new parent home visits to early childhood literacy and playgroups, as well as help paying for child care, please click below.

Specific programs available in Somerville include: Early Intervention, Early Head Start, Head Start, SomerBaby Home Visits, ParentChild+ Literacy and Education Home Visits, Discover and Learn Playgroups, Parent/Caregiver Support Groups and the Somerville Partnership for Young Children, which offers tuition assistance to a limited number of eligible Somerville families. To find more information about these programs, click the link above and enter a program  into the search bar. 

Somerville has a wide variety of preschool and child care programs, including those that are school-based preschool, center-based child care, and family child care. Center and School-Based programs may have one classroom or multiple classrooms and take place in a designated space outside of the home. Family Child Care programs are usually smaller and take place in a provider’s home. You can look for child care providers by clicking the link above to search on the Somerville Hub Connect site.

Additional Resources

Science shows that 80% of brain growth happens by the age of three! Beginning from birth, young brains develop like little muscles, getting bigger and stronger the more you and your family interact with your child. The Basics Principles are five fun, simple, and powerful ways to help all our children aged 0-3 grow to be happy and smart. You can learn more about the basics on their website or through the informational documents included below.

What are the Basics Principles?
¿Que son “The Basics” ?
Kisa «The Basics» Ye?

The Basics - Tip Sheet
"The Basics" - Consejos
"The Basics" - "Konsey"
"The Basics" - Dicas

The Basics: Books For Little Ones Stories
Gabi - A Story About Social Distancing
Gabi - Historia Social Espanol
Gabi - Historia Social Portugues
Gabi - Social Story English
Ronan - A Social Story about School Closing because of Covid-19
Ronan - Social Story English
Ronan - Historia Social Portugues

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