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Peaceful benches in pocket-parks, playgrounds and sports fields, with 27 Somerville parks, there is definitely one around the corner from you!

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Quincy Street Park

Benches, tables, dogs allowed

Seven Hills Park

Walkpath, bikepath, dogs allowed, historic site, scenic

Somerville Junction Park

Walkpath, bikepath, benches, dogs allowed, garden, scenic

Stone Place Park


Trum Field

Walkpath, baseball, basketball, benches

Trum Playground

Playground, benches, tables, water spray

Tufts Community Garden

Benches, garden

Tufts Playing Fields

Football, soccer, tennis, benches

W. Somerville School Playground

Basketball, playground, tables, benches, garden

Walnut Street Park

Playground, benches, tables, garden, water spray


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