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COPE Program

81 Highland Ave, Somerville, MA 02143

(617) 625-6600 ext 6156

The COPE (Co-operative Parenting Education) Program is designed to help pregnant and parenting teens in the Somerville School system maintain their academic focus for high school graduation while learning parenting skills. Students work closely with their COPE counselor who helps them access community support services such as daycare, midwives and doulas, academic tutoring, mental health services, and home visiting programs.

Jewish Families and Children's Service Healthy Families

1430 Main St. Waltham MA 02451

(781) 693 1232

JF&SC Healthy Families and Visiting Moms programs are voluntary, confidential home visiting programs for first-time pregnant moms and/or parenting Moms and Dads under the age of 21. Home visits are provided weekly for the first six months of a baby's life and then are adjusted to meet the families' needs until the child turns three. The program works with each family to define their strengths and set and achieve personal goals and learn about child development and parenting and become the parent they want to be.

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Roca Young Mothers' Program

101 Park Street, Chelsea MA 02150

(617) 889 2145

Serving high-risk young mothers from Chelsea, East Boston, Revere, Everett, Somerville, Springfield, Malden and Boston. Roca's intervention model was adapted to help high risk young mothersget out of violence and poverty, go to work, and care for their children. Through relentless outreach, tailored programming and collaboration with community partners, Roca helps young mothers transform their lives and create a better future for their children.

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