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There are many books and websites out there that can give you ideas on how to handle stress, how to control anger, how to be mindful and self-compassionate. The sheer number of resources should reassure you that you aren't alone in whatever you are feeling or experiencing. However it's also important to talk to someone - a trusted adult family member or friend, a teacher or counselor, and to recognize when you might need some more professional help.


Books and Websites

  • Two good resources for keeping your stress levels in check come from Healthy Kids and the American Psychological Association
  • Mindfulness for Teens offers a great introduction to mindfulness and some easy and short guided meditations to download onto your phone.
  • A series of books called "Instant Help for Teens" has some great, easy-to-follow advice and activites on dealing with everything from anger to anxiety to bullying to body image. Ask at the Somerville Library - they'll be able to request it for you if they don't have the one you want.




Substance Abuse, Prevention/Addiction


Shelters and Emergency Support






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