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The Poop Museum is the place to come for those who are curious and have questions about poop, and also, if like Susie Maguire, they LOVE poop, and think it’s fascinating! Susie is a poop expert who thinks poop is THE most interesting subject in the world. She has studied poop for years and loves nothing more than sharing her expansive knowledge of poop with the people of the world.

At The Poop Museum, everyone learns many fantastic, fabulous and fun facts about human, animal and insect poop, many of which truly amaze and surprise.

Just a few of the poopers that visitors to the Poop Museum will meet, include:

  • The world’s messiest pooper
  • The animal that has poop attack powers
  • The animal that uses poop as protection
  • The rainbow pooper
  • The animal that has to hold its poop ALL winter long

At The Poop Museum, everyone learns A LOT, and some of the facts that are shared are mind blowing! But The Poop Museum is also full of laughter … because … well … our subject is poop and Susie has found a wonderful way to blend solid science, with the hilarity that humans love, when it comes to poop. 

Ages 5-12. 

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Start Time: 
3:30 PM
End Time: 
4:30 PM

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