Gallery @ SPL Presents: The Infinite Mirage of Rapture with Jaina Cipriano

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This month, the library is pleased to display the artwork of local artist Jaina Cipriano in the Gallery @ SPL with her exhibition: The Infinite Mirage of Rapture. Please join us for a reception celebrating the exhibit. 

Artist Statement:

These works communicate the complex grief of growing up as a woman in a culture dedicated to stifling authentic emotion and communication. As a result, we search for love and connection only to be caught in a web of codependency as we deeply fear abandonment. I am interested in creating a space where people with similar trauma can feel witnessed. As we drain ourselves with hypervigilance, day after day, we fall into an exhausted sleep. Yet we wake up only to have to scrape by interminably. My pieces depict isolated subjects struggling to escape liminal spaces as we watch them. When they realize no one is coming to save them - they seek the strength to save themselves.

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Start Time: 
6:00 PM
End Time: 
8:00 PM

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