Gallery @ SPL Presents: Boston Street Photography 2020-2024 with Troy D. Minkowsky

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This month, the library is pleased to display the artwork of local artist Troy D. Minkowsky in the Gallery @ SPL with his exhibition: Boston Street Photography 2020-2024. Please join us for a reception celebrating the exhibit. 

About the Exhibit:

During the pandemic I found myself unable to proceed with the larger collaborative art projects I had been focusing on. To fill the creative rut I started taking photos of my environment to and from work. In doing so I discovered the quiet magic of Boston during the off hours. 

My hope with this exhibit is to show Boston in a light most people don’t see and encourage others to take their own stylized and artistic photos now that it’s easier than ever with the cameras on our cellphones.  All photos were taken with a Google Pixel Phone.

About the Artist:

Troy Minkowsky is a multidisciplinary artist and resident of Somerville who took up street photography during the pandemic. With the ease and availability modern technology has allowed us to make art, Troy hopes to encourage others to do the same. 

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Start Time: 
1:30 PM
End Time: 
4:30 PM

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