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Cinema Strange is a series focused on the exploration of the strangest film has to offer. From the surreal, the abstract, the absurd, and the experimental, the culture of weird movies, although hidden from the public eye, has been expanding across generations and continents. So join Chris Hopkin as he attempts to show some of this both bizarre and beautiful world of cinema.

How better to end this series on a bang than the explosive nature of Obayashi's iconic House? This movie is equal parts horror, comedy, martial arts film, ghost story, and new wave film that has stood alone in uniqueness for ages. A bizarre yet elegant mishmash of American tropes and long-standing Japanese traditions, House has slowly but surely risen to cult fame and acclaim among film circles since its release in 1977. Chris believes there is no better series closer than the mind-melting bomb of color that is House.

Chris Hopkin is a Somerville High School junior equally passionate and pretentious about the arts. He especially enjoys music and film as well as history and philosophy and hopes to expand people's film prowess. Chris says "it has been an honor to host you."

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6:30 PM
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8:30 PM

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