Cinema Strange: "The Final Exit of the Disciples of Ascensia" and "The Flying Luna Clipper"

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Cinema Strange is a series focused on the exploration of the strangest film has to offer. From the surreal, the abstract, the absurd, and the experimental, the culture of weird movies, although hidden from the public eye, has been expanding across generations and continents. So join Chris Hopkin as he attempts to show some of this both bizarre and beautiful world of cinema.

Weird movies outside of method can differ drastically in tone, themes, and intent. To showcase this phenomena, this month's Double Feature of two shorter films is aimed at showing the more cerebral, thematically powerful side of strange movies, and following that with the more meaningless and fun side of these kinds of pictures. Based on extremely talented artist Jonni Phillip's inspiration to make a film more sympathetic to people in cults, our first film, The Final Exit of the Disciples of Ascensia, centers around Ascensia and her UFO religion. Using emotive and unique animation as well as fantastically dark humor, The Final Exit proves an emotional gut punch sure to make us reevaluate our own state of existence. On a lighter note, our second feature, The Flying Luna Clipper, is much more focused on the fun of weird movies, aiming not to send a specific statement but rather create an off the rails psychedelic adventure based purely on some fruits going on vacation. Together, these two short films add up to a one-of-a-kind, cinematic adventure.

Chris Hopkin is a Somerville High School junior equally passionate and pretentious about the arts. He especially enjoys music and film as well as history and philosophy and hopes to expand people's film prowess.

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6:30 PM
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8:30 PM

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