Book Club for Teens and Tweens: Deeplight by Frances Hardinge

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Join us for a discussion of Deeplight by Frances Hardinge. 

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea meets Frankenstein in this inventive YA fantasy from award-winning author Frances Hardinge The gods are dead. Fifty years ago, they turned on one another and tore each other apart. Nobody knows why. Now, even coin-sized scraps of dead god are worth a fortune because of the strange powers they're said to possess. But few are brave enough to dive and search for them. When fifteen-year-old Hark finds the still-beating heart of one of these deities, he'll risk everything to keep it out of the hands of smugglers, scientists, and cults who would kill for its power. Because Hark needs the heart if he wants to save the life of his best friend, Jelt. But the power of a god was not meant for human hands. With the heart, Jelt begins to eerily transform, and Hark will have to decide if he can stay loyal to his friend--or what he's willing to sacrifice to save him.

This book can be requested through the Minuteman Library Network, and is also available as a downloadable audiobook or ebook. If you need help getting a copy, please get in touch with Ellen at 617-623-5000 x2936 or Or just drop into the Central Library Teen Room and ask!

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3:45 PM

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