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A list of parks and playgrounds in Somerville, MA.

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Hodgkins-Curtin Park

Baseball, playground, benches

Hoyt-Sullivan Playground

Basketball, playground, benches, tables

Kennedy School Community Playground

Basketball, pool, playground, benches, garden

Kenney Park

Basketball, playground, benches, water spray

Lexington Park

Walkpath, bikepath, basketball, playground, benches, tables, water spray, scenic

Lincoln Park/Argenziano School Playground

Walkpath, baseball, basketball, soccer, playground, benches, tables, garden, water spray

Marshall Street Playground

Playground, benches, tables

Morse-Kelley Playground

Basketball, playground, benches

Mystic River Reservation

Walkpath, bikepath, boathouse, benches, tables, dogs allowed, scenic

Nathan Tufts Powderhouse Park

Walkpath, bikepath, benches, dogs allowed, historic site, scenic


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